Confirmation is the third Sacrament of Initiation in the Catholic Church.  (Baptism is the first Sacrament of Initiation and Eucharist is the second.)  Confirmation establishes the beginning, NOT the end or “graduation,” of a life of full participation and responsibility in the Church.  This Sacrament is received by our students in after the completion of grade level 6.


  • Preparation – Confirmation is a two year process, beginning with grade level 5.
  • Saint Report – Selection of name and completion of Saint report in grade level 5.
  • Service Hours – Service hours (minimum total of 20 hours) are required before Confirmation.  The Community Service Record and the Report on Service Activity should be submitted to the DRE.
  • Retreat – Will be scheduled in the Fall following completion of grade level 6.  Attendance is mandatory.
  • Sponsors – Must be a registered Catholic and in good standing.  Please remind sponsors that the Sponsor Certification Form must be completed by their parish and returned as soon as possible but no later than the Fall before Confirmation.
  • Confirmation Portfolio – A project that summarizes the confirmation candidate’s preparation for the sacrament.  This will be scheduled in the Fall before confirmation.
  • Confirmation Interview – Satisfactory interview with the DRE or a representative of the DRE.  This will occur following the completion of grade level 6.


Information Form

Please return it to your 6th Grade Level Catechist or to the Parish office.

Sponsor Form

This form needs to be completed by your child’s sponsor and returned to the Parish office.

Service Project Form

This form provides you with details, ideas, and documentation for your service project

Candidate’s Growth Interview

As a part of the Confirmation process, the students interview their parents to assess one’s readiness for the Sacrament.

Confirmation Portfolio

This document provides instructions for how to complete the Confirmation Portfolio.

Confirmation Questions

This document provides the study guide for Confirmation questions.
Confirmation Interview Questions This document provides a list of questions you need to know before being confirmed.