The 20-21 PREP Year has some necessary changes from years past. Due to limiting the amount of individuals using our school building, in-person PREP classes are only taking place at one session.  We are happy to offer a Wednesday evening session at 6:30PM. Classes have begun, and everything is off to a great start! Social distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, and sanitation of the building before and after classes is in place.

We are also happy to offer a supported home-based program, which many families have chosen to take part of this year. This program involves the parent as the primary catechist for their child, with resources and support provided by the PREP Office.

We continue to pray that everyone remains healthy and safe.  We pray for all health care workers.  We pray for other essential workers: grocery store workers, trash/recycling workers, restaurant delivery workers.  Thank you for all you are doing for us.  We pray that those who are sick regain their health.  We pray for the happy repose of those who have died and comfort for their families.