Virtual Advent Retreat

This Sunday, November 29th, was the start of Advent! What a wonderful time to prepare for Christ’s birth! While an in-person service to commemorate Advent with our PREP families is not possible this year, Virtual Advent Retreat for families to participate together at home has been created. The retreat can be found at this link. The retreat itself can take as little or as long as your family would like. We encourage you to set aside an hour or so to spend time completing this and praying together as a family. It can be completed anytime up until Christmas. While the retreat is not mandatory, we encourage you to participate in it together as a family. Wishing everyone a blessed Advent season!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to our lovely PREP families! We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow closer to the Lord with you all this year. Here is an article with some fun activities to do together as a family at Thanksgiving. Remember to take some time to thank God for His goodness this year!

A reminder that there is NO PREP Wednesday, November 25th.


Early Registration ends this Friday!

Early registration for PREP classes ends on Friday, August 28th. After that date, the tuition price for PREP classes goes up by $75. 

As of now, we are close to reaching our maximum capacity for several of our classes for our Wednesday evening session. However, we have plenty of spots still available for our Tuesday evening session. 

Classes start the week of September 27th!

We are also happy to offer a supported home-based option, which a number of our families have already been choosing.

Please contact for more information on either of these options.

Congratulations Fr. Ken!

We congratulate Fr. Ken, who was officially installed as our new Pastor on Saturday, August 15 by Bishop Michael Fitzgerald. We pray for many grace-filled years as the Pastor of St. Isidore Parish. May God continue to bless and protect his vocation to the priesthood.

Congratulations Sister Chiara Marie Stimpfle!

With great joy, the staff, volunteers and families of St. Isidore Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) celebrate the First Profession of Vows to the Sisters of Christian Charity by Sister Chiara Marie Stimpfle.  Sister Chiara, the former Miss Kathy Stimpfle, was a parishioner and catechist in our PREP who took her First Vows on Sunday, August 16 at the Mother House of the Sisters of Christian Charity in Mendham, NJ.  Please visit to view the archived Mass.  We continue to keep Sister Chiara Marie and all Religious Sisters in our prayers as they serve Our Lord and his Church.  

PREP Update for the 2020-2021 Year

Hello parents and families of our PREP students!

I know that you must all be very eager to receive an update regarding the development of our PREP protocols for the coming year.  In light of the new health and safety protocols for re-opening of schools and youth related programs, it has become necessary to make some revisions to our typical schedules and policies as we look forward to the upcoming catechetical year.   

In the end, any decision regarding the revision of our Parish’s PREP and the way in which multiple groups of children make use of our parish buildings rests with the pastor of the parish.  After considering the various options at our disposal, and receiving counsel from a small group of our catechists and parents, Fr. Brabazon and I, together with the administrative staff of the parish, have come to a decision for St. Isidore Parish PREP. In making this decision, we considered many factors and held firmly to the belief that the option to receive in-person instruction is vital to the successful catechesis of many of our PREP students.  We also took into great consideration the safety and well being of our students and staff, as well as the needs and expectations regarding social distancing, limiting size of student cohorts, and appropriate sanitation practices to be carried out before, during, and after PREP sessions.

There are a number of factors that require revision to our typical PREP practices.  First among these is the need for appropriate and consistent sanitization of the parish’s school building.  This is for the benefit of all groups that make use of the facilities, and must take into consideration the complete schedule of expected uses of spaces by all parish groups, including PREP.  The need to thoroughly sanitize each classroom between uses by different groups requires some adjustments to our PREP schedule.  

That said, we will be providing two options for St. Isidore Parish PREP.  First is the option for in-person instruction, which will be described further below.  The second option is for parish supported home-based catechesis or homeschooling, which involves the parent as the primary catechist of the student(s) with materials and support provided by the PREP office. We will not be providing virtual instruction or hybrid format instruction for PREP, as we lack the sufficient infrastructure and resources to make this possible.    

Regarding in-person PREP instruction, holding our typical back-to-back PREP sessions on Wednesday afternoons and evenings will not be feasible, in the coming year, since there would not be sufficient time for the appropriate sanitizing process to take place in each classroom between the 4:45 and 6:30 class times.  With similar reasoning, it will not be possible to have a Sunday session as it will not be possible to provide cleaning staff to adequately sanitize classroom spaces over the weekends.

Bearing all this in mind, the in-person session times for PREP have had to be adjusted.  For those who desire in-person instruction for their children, under the current circumstances, it will only be possible for PREP in-person sessions to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM to 7:45PM

Additionally, because of the need to maintain social distancing within the classrooms, we are required to limit the number of students enrolled for in-person instruction.  For in-person instruction, registration will be closed once maximum class sizes have been met. First priority will be given to those families who have already registered and paid for catechesis in the coming year.

To give the PREP office, volunteers, and families time to prepare for this new plan, PREP sessions will begin the last week of September, with the first sessions starting on Tuesday, September 29th and Wednesday, September 30th. 

In addition, we will be extending our deadline for pre-registration until August 28th. After that date, a late fee of $75 will be applied to all tuition payments until Friday, September 18th when registration for the 20-21 year closes. We ask that you sign up your children for both in-person and home-based PREP sessions using Parish Giving. The link to that is: . 

For those who have already sent in their registration form and payment for either the former Sunday morning session or the Wednesday early session, the PREP office will be in contact to sign your child(ren) up for either of our two new PREP session times.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding wearing of masks/face shields, social distancing guidelines, etc. Ultimately, we will be following the same guidelines as those that will be put in place at St. Isidore School.  

I know this is a lot of new information and some of you may have questions.  I ask that you take some time to think and pray over it.

If you do have any questions, I ask that you send an email to: or call 215-536-4389.

Thank you all so much. I look forward to all that this year will hold! 

In Christ,  

Miss Alaine DeSantis

Director of Religious Education