The End?

It’s been almost 10 years off and on that I’ve been a catechist.  I remember attending a mass at the cathedral for my 5th year and recall how young I thought I was.  Time and life certainly has a way of aging you.   While I am in awe of those who do this year after year, it’s time for me to step away unless God has some other plan.  For all of the students that I have hopefully passed something on to, I appreciate our time together.  Here is a small snapshot of what we did together over some of those years.

I Bet My Life

When we listened to this song in class, I asked the kids to imagine that the subject of the song was about God.  In other words, who are you betting your life on.  So, by the end of the year, we had an idea – why not do a video.  So here it is with a look back at our year in 2015 – where our kids will be going onto Confirmation this fall and my last year as a Catechist after almost 10 years.